You want to check-in to venues that are greater than 60 miles away


With Untappd update 3.4.8 we have added the ability to check-in to venues with no distance limits for our Untappd Supporters.

This feature is enabled for all Supporter accounts, so there is no need to toggle any settings. You will see the "Purchased Location" interface in place of the old "Location" interface. This will allow you to search for venues by city, state or zip if the venue you want to add is not near your current location. To add a location that is greater than 60 miles away:

  1. Begin your check-in like normal
  2. Select "Location" to add a venue
  3. Select the "Current Location" field and enter in the city, state or zip you want to search in
  4. Enter the name of the venue
  5. Add the venue to your check-in


  1. Why didn't I earn a badge with my check-in?
    • You will not earn badges for check-ins that are outside of the 60 mile radius (even non-venue badges), however progress towards the badge will still be counted. Upon your next qualifying check-in the badge would be granted.
    • For example: You were enjoying a beer at "Greg's Brewery" and forgot to check-in so you made your check-in retroactively when you were 100 miles away. You will still earn one check-in of progress towards "Greg's Brewery Badge" however if it was enough progress to grant the next badge level, the badge won't be awarded until you check-in within 60 miles of any qualifying location. 
  2. What happens to my check-ins if I am no longer a Supporter?
    1. Nothing will happen to your previous check-ins, you will just be unable to use the feature for new check-ins.