What is a Supporter and how do I become one?

You can see our full document on Supporter Benefits or sign up here: https://untappd.com/supporter or in app by going to My Profile > Settings Icon > and scrolling down to the Become an Untappd Supporter option.

For the price of one beer a month, you can help support Untappd and ensure that the community will continue to grow. In exchange, you will receive access to the cool supporter only features below! 

  1. Personalized Stats
    • Get personalized statistics for your check-in activity. Easily see recent activity trends, your favorite locations, and much more.
  2. Exportable Data
    • Freely export your check-in history or any of your lists to a downloadable file so you can use it any way you want.
  3. Exclusive Badge
    • Make all of your friends jealous when you unlock this special edition badge only available to Untappd supporters!
  4. Supporter Flag
    • Everyone will know you're an Untappd supporter with this shiny banner added to your profile. Wear it with pride as you check-in!
  5. More Check-In Characters
    • Write more about the delicious beer you check-in with 255 characters!*
  6. A .10 Ratings Scale
    • Rate your beers on a more granular scale! Better than a 4.75 but not quite a perfect 5.00? This is for you!
  7. No Distance Limit on Adding Locations to Check-Ins
    • So you forgot to check-in at the beer festival and now that you're back home you're too far away to add the location to your check-in. As an Untappd Supporter there are no distance limits to adding locations to your check-ins!**

*This is only for check-in comments, not comments on other people's check-ins. This feature is enabled on web and app for users running version 3.2.2 or greater (iOS and Android only). Older versions are not supported.

**You will not earn badges for check-ins that are outside of the 60 mile radius (even non-venue badges), however progress towards the badge will still be counted. Upon your next qualifying check-in the badge would be granted. This feature is enabled on app for users running version 3.4.8 or greater (iOS and Android only). Older versions are not supported.