You want to rate in a .10 rating scale.


With Untappd update 3.4.8 we have added the ability to rate in a .10 ratings scale for our Untappd Supporters. This is a toggle setting that is disabled by default and will need to be enabled to take effect. Please see below for your applicable platform.


  1. Ensure you are an Untappd Supporter
  2. Navigate to your profile page
  3. Select the "Settings Icon"
  4. Select "General"
  5. Select "Advanced"
  6. Toggle the switch for "Enable 0.1 ratings" under "Rating Scale"


  1. Ensure you are an Untappd Supporter
  2. From any page, hover over your profile picture and select "Account Settings"
  3. Scroll down to "0.1 Ratings"
  4. Select "Enable" to enable to setting


  1. Is this supported on the web?
    1. Yes, this feature is supported on both the app and the web as long as it has been enabled.
  2. What happens to the ratings on my old check-ins?
    1. Nothing will happen to the ratings on your old check-ins. You are free to edit any past check-ins if you would like to update the rating.
  3. Will users who are not Supporters see my ratings in a .10 scale?
    1. Yes, as long as they have updated to 3.4.8, other users will see your ratings in a .10 scale
  4. What happens to my previous check-ins that are in .10 ratings if I am no longer a Supporter?
    1. Nothing will happen to your previous check-ins that are in a .10 scale, you will just be unable to use the feature for new check-ins.
  5. I enabled .10 ratings and the average rating in the beers tab of my profile changed, why?
    1. When .10 ratings scale is disabled ratings are averaged up to the nearest .25. When you enable the .10 ratings your average rating is no longer averaged up to the nearest .25 thus causing the change.
  6. I just became a supporter but I don't have the toggle option, why?
    1. It can take 5-10 minutes for the toggle to show after becoming a Supporter. Give it a few minutes and try again!