You just got a new brew delivered from an Online Company or a Beer Delivery Service and what to add them as the purchased location, however, they don't show up when you search! 


As long as that Company or Service has a presence on Foursquare they should be on Untappd. Usually their location is set to the city they are Headquartered in so you will need to search for them in that city. You can then add them as the purchased at location! You just need to set your search criteria properly to in order for them to show, in this example we use Tavour, who is Headquarted in Tukwila, WA, but you can substitute in whoever you are searching for!

  1. Begin your check-in like normal
  2. Select the "Purchased Location" field
  3. Search for venue name: "Tavour" and location: Tukwila
  4. Add Tavour to your check-in