There are three different types of accounts on Untappd: 

1) Brewery

2) User

3) Verified Venue (UTFB

These three different types of accounts interact with Untappd differently. 

Brewery - this is the account that is created when you claim your brewery page. When you claim your brewery page you are asked to associate an email with the claim - the email used cannot be an email already associated with a user account. The reason for this is because once the claim is approved you are provided with a unique username and password for your brewery page. Logging into Untappd with this username and password will give you access to your brewery page to manage. example 

User - this is the type of account you would associate with "joining Untappd". You went through the typical sign-up process of entering in your email, birthday, country, etc. You do not need to create a user account to claim your brewery page. example

Verified Venue - this type of account is associated with our paid subscription service to Untappd for Business - a service provided to venues to give them tools to interact with their customers via their verified venue pages, as well as provide information about the venue and their current beverage offerings. In some, but not all, situations you can have both a brewery account and a verified venue account - since theses are different types of pages on Untappd, they also have different accounts associated with them. You do not need to be verified to have a venue page on Untappd for users to check-in to. More information on Verified Venues and how to become one can be found here. example

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialists will be more than happy to help explain the different types of accounts on Untappd or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with them. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here