Retroactive badges have been a long-talked about feature. After a survey of users into how they would feel about the introduction of such a feature we determined that there was enough interest to include it in our v3.1.1 update - but not enough to push it on everyone - you must enable to the feature.

We have introduced this feature as a setting that can be turned on or off in the App whenever the user would like.


Retroactive badges only include core and local non-time-sensitive badges. Basically, all non-time-sensitive badges in "Beer" and "Venue" categories. You must check-in after you enable the setting to a qualifying beer that meets the badge you are going after for you to be awarded the badge retroactively. In addition, retroactive badges do not get applied for for Local Badges.

What exactly do we mean by "retroactive badge"? This can be best explained with an example: Let's say you have hundreds of check-ins and we introduced a new set of core badges (which we do regularly and post about on our blogon your next check-in you are awarded Level 1 of one of the new badges - but you've had plenty of that particular beer type before and feel that you should be at a higher level than a Level 1. With retroactive badges - when you check-in to a beer and it qualifies for any badge on Untappd, the badge level will be determined based on your entire beer history. You may find that a badge you previously may have only had a level 3 for (since it was recently introduced) will jump to a level 10 or higher - based on your entire beer history. This is not to be confused with how Badge Levels function on Untappd. There are a few things to note about how this change will be shown in the app and on the web:

1) When you earn a badge with the Retroactive Badge setting enabled you will see a yellow bar across the top of that badge's detail page - this will stay forever, whether you disable the setting or not:

2) If you have the Retroactive Badge setting enabled there will be notice seen on the top of their badges page:

How can I turn on Retroactive Badges?


In the App - navigate to your profile page and select the App Settings "Gear Icon" in the upper right, and then select "Account". Scrolling down to the bottom you will see the below setting which on default is disabled, but can be enabled/disabled whenever you would like:

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialist will be more than happy to help explain the Retroactive Badges feature or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with it. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here