Untappd uses Foursquare for all venue information.

To add a venue, you need to create a Foursquare account, and create a venue via their Mobile App or via the web at https://foursquare.com/add-place. Once the venue has been created and you check-in into it on Foursquare - it will show up in your search in the "Add Location" screen of Untappd during check-in. It can take apporoximately 24 hours for a venue to populate over to Untappd from Foursquare. If you find that your venue is not searchable after this period please reach out to us and provide the Foursquare Venue page URL and we will take a closer look! 

We cannot create venues in Untappd, all venues must be created in Foursquare first.

If you created the venue as a "home" private category - please make sure you follow these steps to make sure it's searchable: