We have added error handling to let you know exactly why your location could not be obtained. We detect location using HTML5 Geolocation Plugin - which is standard on most mobile browsers. Some older Android phones might have trouble detecting your location due the fact that their browser doesn't support HTML5.

All iOS (iPhone, iTouch, iPad) devices should have no issues finding your location however Android devices prior to 2.1 might experiencing some issues. We recommend that you update the latest firmware supported by your device and use the stock browser to obtain your location. If you still having issues, open up a support ticket and we'll take a look.

Palm Pre devices currently have no support for HTML5 Geolocation. It will be supported in their upcoming release in webOS 2.0.

BlackBerry 5.0 and 6.0 have Geo-location in the browser - however response times are subject. Please wait for a little bit before giving up.

Android 5.0 Tips

Android Troubleshooting Tips

IMPORTANT: Make sure up are using the most update to date version of Untappd. Also make sure you have rebooted your phone WHILE IN AIRPLANE MODE, before trying these steps. A common reboot usually fixes the issue.

  1. First thing you need to do is go to http://gregavola.me/geotest.html on your mobile phone. You should see a request for the site to use your location. If you do not get this warning, continue to the next step. If you do - you should be all set to use locations on Untappd.

  2. If you don't get the warning - make sure the GPS is enabled from the browser. You can this via your browser settings and from Settings --> Location from the phone. Also clear your cache while you are in the settings. Go back to http://gregavola.me/geotest.html to test to see if you get the warning at the bottom of the page. If you don't - continue to the next step.

  3. Go into your Phone Settings then Location and Security. You will see notice on the top part you will see a combination of Using GPS Satellites, or Verizon Wireless GPS or Google Location Services. It can chance from phone to phone. The goal here is to attempt to check 2 of the 3 options to get it work. It's a little bit of trial and error - but sometimes it's based on your phone and device.

We know on a Droid Bionic - you need to have both GPS AND Google Location Services checked.

On other phones need to select "Using GPS Satellites" in your location settings for the phone. The default Droid Browser gets the location from "Wireless Networks" which doesn't work.

If you see the GPS symbol but nothing is happening - clear your "Location Access" which is your Browser Settings. This should require you to "Approve" Untappd to use your location the next time you hit "Add Location".

Also - try clearing the data from your Maps app. Go into your Maps App, Click Settings, Data and Clear!

Some users might have issues with background data, which we need for GPS to work. Make sure the "Background Data" in Account and Sync, is turned ON. You may have to reboot after you check this option.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

Here are few troubling shooting steps to try before entering a ticket:

  1. If you device can enable/disable Geo-location in the Browser - make sure it is enabled. It's a simple step - but we gotta start somewhere.

  2. Clear your cache, cookies and history and do a hard reboot. If your phone has a option to clear location data - clear that as well.

  3. On your device - head over to http://gregavola.me/geotest.html. This is a mobile test to determine if your phone can handle Geo-location from the browser.

  4. If you get a signal - and it is able to locate you correctly on the Google Map - and you still can't get a location in Untappd - open an help ticket and we'll try to smooth it along. Make sure to tell us what phone you are using and the operating system version (BB 5.0/6.0, iPhone 4.2, Android 2.1). If you get an error message - your device doesn't have support for HTML5 Geo-location. Think we're lying - open a request and we'll take a look!