You walk into a store, and you see that the seller has listed this beer as a beer from Country A. However, when you check-in it in, it doesn't count for that country badge. What gives?


On Untappd, we have a hierarchy system when Beers belong to Breweries. You'll notice that the badge hint on the country badges say: "Drink 5 different beers from a brewery from country X". Sometimes the bottle itself will say "Made in X", but we are not indicating this for our country badges, but where the brewery's home location is located.

It's not where the beer is made, it's where the HQ of the brewery that is assigned to is located. An example is Evil Twin. Evil Twin is a US brewery as their HQ office in NYC. Their beer bottles say "Made in Denmark", but their country of origin is the US. Always look at Untappd before making purchases to verify that they meet the requirement. We are unable to grant credit for a badge due to this.


Remember - it's not where the beer was made, it's where brewery who made is located, per the hint.

Another example is if Dogfish Head went to Italy, to brew a beer. That beer is made by Dogfish Head and may be listed on the bottle or by the seller as "From Italy" - but that doesn't mean the brewery (the one who made it), is from Italy. Always remember to check the country of origin in Untappd before purchasing to verify.

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