You sign up for Untappd and immediately see a profile picture, but you never gave us one? That's strange - but never fear all your privacy questions are answered below!


We don't gather any personal information from you without consent. Here are some the things we show on your account:

  • Profile Picture: On account signup, we use a service call "Gravatar (", which allows us to use your email address to return a photo. This service is provided by Wordpress - so if you have used Wordpress before or made a comment on a blog by them and uploaded your profile picture - that's where it's coming from. You can remove it at anytime, or upload your own photo. You can also change your email address that isn't registered with Gravatar. You can check anytime here:

  • Location: Since Untappd is a geo-aware service, we use your location to deliver location centric results for recommendations, adding a location to a check-in, nearby beers and events. We only track your location when you are using the app, not any other way. This helps us provide better local results to you on beers and bars in your area.

  • Photos and Gallery: We ask for these permissions to post photos from your Camera and Gallery when you check-in. We don't access your Photos or Gallery without your consent, or when you are not using the app. We only see them when you click "Add Photo" to a check-in.

  • Calendar Permissions: We ask for these permissions so we can give the ability to add an event to your calendar on iOS and Android. We do not read from your calendar or add events without your permission at anytime.

Have a question on this? Let us know at