So you want to share your check-ins to Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare? With Untappd - it's fun and easy to do.

Linking your Account

Before you are able to share to your social accounts, you need to authorize Untappd to access and post to those accounts.

Go to from desktop. On the right side you should see a screen similar to below:


Click the network that you want to link and you will be directed to their page to authorize Untappd as an application.

Once you have done this it will redirect to the account settings page and it will show that you have linked that social account and will list your username on that service.


Posting to a Social Network

Once you check-in a beer and have linked your social accounts - you'll notice a new bar that is shown on the beer check-in screen. It's located right above the rating section as noted in the screenshot below:


To send a network, just "touch" the corresponding icon to toggle it on and off similar to the image below:


It's that simple!

Twitter Formats

UPDATE (11/17): We recently change the schema for Twitter posts so that the beer name and comment will now post automatically. If the comment is too long - we will shorten it so we will include both. For example:

"I love this beer! It's really great with pizza, burgers or hot dogs! It's the perfect beer for... (Samuel Adams Winter Lager) -

Since we want you to be able to share your comment with your friends on Twitter, your comment will be shown over everything else. Depending on how long your Beer, Brewery and Location is - any combination may be displayed. The most important thing to realize is that your comment will take precedence when sending to Twitter due to the 140 character limit.

Foursquare Checkins

IMPORTANT - If you check-in without a location, and have your Foursquare account linked, you will not see a social button for them. The reason is that these a location-based social networks and they will only show if you have attached a location. Once you add a location, their icon will show up. You need to follow the same steps above to post your check-in to Foursquare. Our integration checks you into the venue and posts a "shout" with what you are drinking.

Still not working?

A common solution is to try to un-link your access and re-link it to Untappd.

For Facebook - try to remove it as an application from your profile on Facebook, and then re-authorize it via Untappd.

Please note: Facebook only allows up to 10 automated posts to your profile in 48 hours.

If all else fails and nothing is posting - let us know by opening up a support ticket.