Your stressed out: you can't log in to Untappd via web, mobile or app or reset your password. What to do!? Don't panic - we have the resources to get you on your feet again.


We have a number of tools to help you get your password and/login:

  • If you don't know your username/password, but you know your email address on the account, you can follow the steps here to reset your password:

  • If you know your username, but don't know your password or email address (or when you try to reset it, it says it can't be found OR you don't have access to that email anymore) - we can reset it for you, if you provide the following in a new PRIVATE ticket (

    • Your Username
    • Your New Email Address
    • Your Date of Birth
  • If you don't have access to your email account anymore that is tied to your Untappd account - check out the instructions above

  • If you don't know your username, email address or password - we can't reset your account with your the information from the previous steps for your safety. You can follow these steps to try to find out your username: