How are breweries able to comment on you checkins, if you don't "Like" them first? Never fear a solution and explanation is just below.


In an effort to allow users and breweries to connect on a higher level - we have allowed breweries to reach out to users, via our comment and toasting system, who check-in to their beers. Breweries will only have access to do this on your checkins to their beer, not other beers. Up until this point, you had to "Like" a brewery - top open the communication. Opening this up allows breweries to get more feedback about their beer, and allows you to directly connect with the brewers one-on-one.

However if this is not for you, you can opt of this feature. There are a few ways to opt out:

  • You can mute (or block) a specific brewery from having the ability to comment on your checkins. Simply go to the Brewery page on the web, and scroll down on the right side bar, and click the "Mute" link.


On Mobile Web, this feature is located at the bottom of the page:


  • If you want to opt of this feature completely and not have any breweries comment on any of your checkins (even if you have liked them in the past), you can go to, and uncheck the box marked "Allow claimed breweries that I check-in to the ability comment on my checkins"


Both these options will be added to our native apps, and will be out very soon. We will update this post when that feature becomes available.

If you have questions on how privacy works in general on Untappd - check out this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions by opening up a discussion at