You decided that Untappd is not for you, and you want to delete your account. As we a sad to see you go - it's very easy.


Please note that all your data will be deleted, and there absolutely, no recovery from that. Once your account is scheduled for deletion, it's gone for good. We repeat - we cannot restore any accounts that have queued for deletion..

To delete your account, you must first be logged into the account you want to delete and then go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Delete Account":


After you click this link, a modal will pop-up. Simply enter your password to delete your account.


Your username and email address for use will be locked for 24 hours, so if you are looking to just changed your username, please refer to this link: 

Your data will be completely removed after the 7 day time-period has passed from the time you requested your account deleted.