You can now tag friends within the comments or on the actual check-in!

NOTE: You can only do this via the app, not the web.

Mobile App:

1. In the Check-in details you can select the "Tag Friends" feature to the right underneath adding comments

2. Next, select the friends you want to tag - and then "Done"!

3. You can also tag your friends within the comments section for your check-in. Simply start typing "@FRIENDS NAME" and then you can select the friend you wish to tag.

When you tag a friend in a comment or check-in comment, it will notifiy that user in their notifcations tab, and push alert (if they have enabled it). Tagging a user a check-in, doesn't check-in the other in - it just tags them in your post.


You can only tags people that your friend on the service.

If you have any questions on this works - let us know at