We have a way for users to help clean up our database of beers, with Propose Edit and Propose Duplicate. These are available on both breweries and beer pages on the Desktop Web or Mobile App.

Mobile App:

1. Navigate to the Beer's details page

2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner

3. Select either "Propose an Edit" or "Flag as Duplicate"

Untappd Website:

To get started, simply native to a Beer or Brewery page click the Propose Edit or Propose Dupe option on the top right sidebar:


For Propose Edit, simply make the edits to the beer/brewery and then click "Submit":


You can also propose collaborations to beers by click on the the link at the top of the page described in the photo below:


For Propose Dupes, simply search for the beer/brewery that is the duplicate of the one you have selected:


Then click on the duplicate beer/brewery from the selection and click "Propose Duplicate":


It's that simple! Our moderator team will be reviewing these changes and approving them for you. It's a fast an easy way to make changes on the go or on the web. Give it a try today!