Editing a check-in is done by first navigating to the Check-in Detail Page. This can be done from a variety of places, but in general, selecting your check-in from your profile is recommended. From there you will see a ••• menu in the upper right. Selecting this will give you the options to Edit or Share the Check-in. 

Important Things to Note: 

  1. Edited check-ins may change what future badge that particular check-in may qualify for (Riding Steady, Middle of the Road, etc.) - but badges are not removed from edited check-ins. Badges are awarded at the time of check-in. 
  2. Deleted check-ins will remove all badges associated with that check-in, as well as remove that beer from your Unique and Total Counts
  3. You can add a location to a check-in by editing it. If you did not add a location at the time of check-in, but had your location services enabled - you will be able to edit the check-in to add a location. The location that you add will be based on the location you were when you originally posted the check-in.
  4. Editing a check-in to include a Verified Venue will not grant you any Local Badges.

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialists will be more than happy to help explain how to edit a check-in or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with it. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here