We offer RSS feeds for Check-ins for Venue pages. To get started all you need is your Venue ID, Thesecan be found in the URL of you venue page at the end.

Simple go to https://untappd.com/rss/venue/VENUE_ID and it will work!

For example - the Untappd HQ RSS link would look like this: https://untappd.com/rss/venue/4871493   where 4871493 is the VENUE ID and is the only thing that changes about this link. 


Now you can copy the link into your favorite RSS Reader, or plug into your blog or website.

If you use this feed on your website, please make sure you provide attribution to Untappd. The same TOS for API applies to these RSS feed. You can view the terms at http://untappd.com/terms/api

Happy RSSing! :-)