Ever find a beer that you really like, but want to explore more about the brewery and what other beers they offer? Now you can

Untappd Mobile App:

1. Using the Discovery Page, search for the Brewery you'd like to check the beer selection for

2. Once here, you can select the "See All Beers" button in the Beers group. 

3. From here you can see all of the beers brewed by a specific brewery. Note that any beer with a green check mark next to it is a beer you have checked-in! :)

4. You can sort/filter these beers in this list to your liking!


Untappd Web:


To view the beer list, scroll down on the right side to the "Trending Beer" list. Click the "See All Beers" link at the bottom of that sidebar item.


Now, you have a full list of all the beers that Brewery that is on Untappd! You can also use the sort drop-down to sort between what type of beer, and also how many beers that brewery has in that type!