To add a beer or brewery, you first need to search for it. After all - it might be in our database right? if you looking to add a Brewery, you need to first add your beer (the brewery addition will come after that).]

Repeat: To add a new brewery, you must add a beer first. Make sure you are searching for that beer in the next step.*

If no results are found - you will see this fancy graphic. Click the link to start the Add Beer process.


Or if the results do not show you what you're looking for - you will see the same graphic at the bottom of the results page.


After that you click on the link - you will be redirected to a new page to enter you beer. There are also some helpful hints on the top:


To enter the brewery - just start typing. Our system will do a live search and return the best match and show it below the textbox. To select the brewery, just click on the correct brewery name as shown below.


If we don't have your brewery listed, just click the "**Brewery not listed? Add it here**" link at the bottom of the list. That will display some new fields where you can enter name and country and that brewery will be automatically corrected with the new beer.


That's it! Just fill out the rest of the fields and you'll be on you way to adding that beer to Untappd!

If you have any issues or questions - please open a ticket and we will investigate! Hope you enjoy!

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialists will be more than happy to help explain how to create a beer/brewery on Untappd Web or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with it. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here.