We like to keep things neat on Untappd so we have a few guidelines regarding labels that anyone uploading labels to our system should check out. If you're found to be uploading incorrect labels - they will be removed by a moderator. 

In general, we would like for you to follow these guidelines when uploading labels:

  1. Images should be of high quality and resolution. For the best quality, use images over 500x500. If you use a file less than this resolution, you might get some artifacts that are processed around the corners of the images. If this happens, please find a new copy of the file that has a higher resolution.
  2. Only JPEGs and PNGs file types are allowed.
  3. Do not use Camera shots of a label or a scan of the label -  use the original label source.
  4. Don’t use beer labels that show Surgeon General Warnings, UPCs etc.
  5. Only upload un-cropped beer labels, do not use bottle/can shots, tap handle/pump clips, or images that include a glass of the drink. If your label wraps around the can/bottle - please only include the front of the label. The system will automatically crop your labels to make them center. Un-cropped beer labels are preferred because people can see your full label without pinching and zooming to see what it looks like. It gives you better brand attention. 
  6. Try to upload images that have equal length on all sides – this will make the best image for our system.
  7. Once you upload a label – there is no way to remove it back the default image. If you upload an image that you need to reset back to the default, please email support@untappd.com

Brewery's who have claimed their brewery page can upload their own labels. Anyone can also send in labels by creating a new ticket and selecting the category as "Beer Labels & Brewery Logos" - and a moderator will approve and upload. 

You can and SHOULD always check-out beers on the app to see examples of acceptable beer labels. :-)

Check out Sierra Nevada's label work: Sierra Nevada Beer