We like to keep things neat on Untappd so we have a few guidelines regarding labels that anyone uploading labels to our system should check out. If you're found to be uploading incorrect labels - they will be removed by a moderator. 

In general, we would like for you to follow these guidelines when uploading labels:

  1. Images should be of high quality and resolution. For the best quality, use images over 500x500. If you use a file less than this resolution, you might get some artifacts that are processed around the corners of the images. If this happens, please find a new copy of the file that has a higher resolution.
  2. Only JPEGs and PNGs file types are allowed.
  3. Do not use Camera shots of a label or a scan of the label -  use the original label source.
  4. Don’t use beer labels that show Surgeon General Warnings, UPCs etc.
  5. Only upload un-cropped beer labels, do not use bottle/can shots, tap handle/pump clips, or images that include a glass of the drink. The system will automatically crop your labels to make them center.
  6. Try to upload images that have equal length on all sides – this will make the best image for our system.
  7. Once you upload a label – there is no way to remove it back the default image. If you upload an image that you need to reset back to the default, please email support@untappd.com

Brewery's who have claimed their brewery page can upload their own labels. Anyone can also send in labels by creating a new ticket and selecting the category as "Beer Labels & Brewery Logos" - and a moderator will approve and upload. 

You can and SHOULD always check-out beers on the app to see examples of acceptable beer labels. :-)

Check out Sierra Nevada's label work: Sierra Nevada Beer