You got a check-in fever and want to add every type of drink to Untappd. Is that possible?


Right now, Untappd ONLY supports the following drinks:

  • Beer (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)
  • Cider (A drink fermented with Apple)
  • Perry (A drink fermented with Pears)
  • Kombucha (This is a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black and/or green tea that is used as a functional food. We only support alcoholic Kombucha products 0.5% or higher and not from soft drink makers)
  • Applewine (It is simply a cider with substantial added sugar to achieve higher alcohol than a common cider)
  • Kvass (a fermented drink, low in alcohol, made from rye flour or bread with malt)
  • Malt Beverages (A drink or both alcohol-containing and non-alcoholic fermented beverages, in which the primary ingredient is the grain, or seed, of the barley plant, which has been allowed to sprout in a traditional way called "malting" slightly before it is processes. Examples of these include: Mike's Hard Lemonade, Smiroff Ice)
  • Mead (an alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water)
  • Root-Beer (Only Brewery-Made is allowed. Soft Drink Makers are not allowed such as Dr. Pepper, AW, etc)
  • Ginger Beer (Only Brewery-Made is allowed. Soft Drink Makers are not allowed, such as Reed's)

Here is an example of a supported Root Beer: Here is an example of supported Ginger Beer:

IMPORTANT: If you attempt to add a drink that isn't listed above, your creation access will be revoked immediately without exception.

Be sure that your supported drink meets our beer naming standards as well:

Thanks for helping us grow our database of beers!