Your starting to see all these yellow check-marks on Venues, and the option to subscribe to venues and beers fro updates, but what does it all mean, and how does it work? Never fear - we're hear to answer!


Starting in early February, we launched new product called Untappd for Business ( where bars, restaurants, and breweries to list their menus on Untappd to provide a real-time view in what thye are serving. For a venue to be verified, you will see a yellow check-mark in the app (like below), and that's how yo know that their tap list is up to date.


When you subscribe to beer on Untappd, whenever a member of Untappd for Business (or a verified venue) adds this to their tap list and you are within 15 miles - we send you a push alert that this beer is available from that bar. How cool is that?


Wondering if there are any verified venues around you? You can got the Discover Tab (compass icon), and click "Nearby Verified Venues" and see if any of your favorites are on the platform.

Curious of about you get more information about how to sign up for Untappd for Business? Check it out at