Check-in Alerts are for you and your friends to be alerted when people check-in on Untappd as well as being notified about a brew you enjoy! We will send a push notification to your phone when you turn on this feature - as shown below for both friends and beer. By default, all Check-in Alerts are turned off. You can only subscribe to these alerts, if you are friends with the user.

There are 2 different types of alerts:

  • All - you will get pushed all checkins that this user has made, irrespective of location
  • Nearby - you will get alerts when this user has added a location and is nearby your last known location.

You can turn these off anytime, by selecting "None".

To Enable Check-In Alerts for Friends:

1. Navigate to the friends profile page and you'll see a big blue button under their name as shown below. Select it. 

2.Chose the notification setting you'd like


3. Their profile will now show a gray button indicating that you have now turned on notifications for that friend.

To Enable Notifications for a Beer:

1. Navigate to that Beer's Detail Page

2. Select the little "bell" icon next to the beers name. A yellow icon indicates notifications are on, whereas a white icon indicates notifications are off. 

For information about Privacy on Untappd - check out this guide:

If you have any questions - please let us know at