You can view and sort both your own and friend's unique beer check-ins!

Web (Your Beers):

It's very easy to view anyone's unique beers. On your user navigation click the "Beer History" link in the top right corner near to the search box. 


On that page - you'll see a list of all the users distinct beers. The date sort is by date.


You can also sort the list by a some indicators, such as Highest Rating, Lowest Ratings, Most Checkins, or by ABV using the "Sort by" option. It also show you, "Your Rating" and the "Average Rating" of the beer so you can compare your results. If you are viewing someone else's page - it will show their rating instead of yours.

You can also sort by Brewery, by select brewery from the Drop Down List and then selecting the Brewery you want to see your check-ins from.


You can also use the drop down box to filter between which style you want to see! It will also show you the number of unique beers the selected user has had of that style. This is a great way to figure what type of beer that the selected user likes!


Want to use both? No problem! Just use the Sort option first, then filter the results!

Web (Friends Beer):

1. Navigate to the friends profile and you'll see the "Top Beers" feature down on the lower right


2. Next select "See All Beers"

3. Here you will see that persons Unique Beer list. You can filter and sort this list just as you would your own!

Mobile App:

1. Navigate to your profile using the bottom nav bar, and then scroll down your profile until you find the "Beers" menu:

2. This is your unique beer list, where all of the beers that you have checked-in will appear.

3. You can sort and filter this list as well using the upper right filter/sort button.

Have some questions? No worries! One of our App Support Specialists will be more than happy to help explain how to view and sort unique beers on Untappd or help troubleshoot any issues you are having with it. All you need to do is leave feedback on this article, or submit a help request here