Here at Untappd we aim to provide a fun, data-driven, and meaningful way for our users to discover and share the brews they love and the ones they don't. We do this by allowing you to rate and comment on brews while sharing photos, venue and drink information with friends - oh and you get to earn some pretty cool badges too!

With that being said there are a few guidelines we have put in place to ensure that our users have the best experience possible with Untappd in regards to check-ins and the behavior we allow on Untappd.


We recommend you take a look at our Terms of Use - where we outline everything we permit on Untappd.

In the event that you find content that violates these Terms of Use please use the appropriate Report links on the page, or in app, to alert us so we may respond appropriately. You may also submit a ticket or email us at with details regarding the issue. 

BFLN (Beers from Last Night)

Sure - we all forget to check-in to Untappd sometimes. When you're drinking - chances are that you'll forget 100% more often. We are not going to be coming after you if you check-in the morning after a long night of drinking - we let the user decide if they want to add it. Keep in mind that each check-in is tagged at certain time by checking in early or late - you might be losing out on badges or rewards - it's not possible the change the date of a check-in.