What are "Check-in Alerts"?


You see a new option in the profile list called "Check-in Alerts". What are they, how do they work?


Check-in Alerts are new way for you and your friends to be alerts when people check-in on Untappd. We will send a push notification to your phone when you turn on this feature - as shown below:


By default, all Check-in Alerts are turned off. To enable them, visit the person's profile page, and select the option on the page to enable push Alerts. You can only subscribe to these alerts, if you are friends with the user.

There are 2 different types of alerts:

  • All - you will get pushed all checkins that this user has made, irrespective of location
  • Nearby - you will get alerts when this user has added a location and is nearby your last known location.

You can turn these off anytime, by selecting "None".

For information about Privacy on Untappd - check out this guide: http://help.untappd.com/kb/user-accounts/what-privacy-options-are-o...

If you have any questions - please let us know at http://untpd.it/newticket.