How do I check-in/search for beers?


You want to check-in, or add a beer to your profile. But you can't seem to find the button to do that. Never fear - the solution is in the navigation bar!


Untappd for iOS and Android and a bit diferrent, but let's start with the basics: In order to check-in (which is the term used to record a beer on your profile) to Untappd - you need to search for that beer. Here is how you do that:



Tap the beer search icon on bottom navigation (it's located in the middle). That will take you the beer search page



Tap the search icon on the top right hand corner of the app. You must search to check-in, and the search is the first step of that process.

Mobile Web


Tap left menu that will bring out the sidebar which contains a search bar.

Hope that helps!