How can I find out my username?


So you don't know your username? Never fear - we can tell you where to look!


Usernames can be found below the User Display name in the app:


Our next to the avatar on Desktop / Tablet:


Or below your Avatar on Mobile Web:


You can also get your username via Tweets, for example this a Tweet I sent out for badge earned, and by clicking on it you can see your username in the URL:



Having trouble logging in, so you can't see these options? You just need to know one of your friends on the service's profile URL (this requires you knowing their username on the service, and the profile URL would be Once you navigate to it - you can click on "Friends" on the top section of their page:


Then once of the friends page, you can look for your profile on their list and copy the username as indicated here (please note that you may have to paginate through the page to find your name):


If you don't know any of your friends username, but know your email address attached to your account, you can follow these instructions to reset tour password which will include your username :